Attention: Overworked Entrepreneurs

Are you tired of information, tactics and insights that are supposed to help you grow your business and sit in a folder somewhere?

Are you ready for more freedom + cash flow?

Are you seeking the real tools that will guide you to be in control of your business and profits?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to transform your business by integrating 6 actionable strategies that will provide you with more profit and peace.

This Masterclass is for you, only if you are seeking:

 Action over information

 Data over drama

 Fast over fancy

 Progress over perfection

 Practice over pushy

If you are like most business owners, you have felt overwhelmed by all of the information out there. People are telling you that 2022 can be your best year with “just these 3 simple steps or 10 easy ways or 5 ways to 10x your business.” It’s simply not true - business is complex. If it was easy then 80% of businesses wouldn’t fail. 

Information will only get you so far. You need a step-by-step action plan. That’s the only way to be in the 20% category of the businesses that thrive.

This is a simple “done for you” course with the guidance and templates to help you move from confusion to clarity and gain control of your business…now.

It’s all about your foundation + your finances. This self-guided course will provide you with all you need to build a solid foundation and gain control of your financial story.

Consider it to be your outsourced CEO & CFO with a 6-Module Series to navigate you to more freedom and profit.

The Six Masterclass Modules

1. Your Vision + Values

 Create the north star in your business to gain clarity and connection for your team and customers

 Connect with the core values that drive your decisions

 Understand how values and vision drive the foundation of your business and remove you from being the technician

2. Your Ideal Customer Avatar

 Learn to solve 1 problem for 1 ideal customer

 Narrow down your avatar so that you can gain consistency in your marketing and messaging

 Build a plan to magnetize your Ideal Client Avatar (ITA) to you

3. Your Customer’s Journey

 Elevate your company by understanding the customer journey, at every touch point

 Map out how to create magic for your customers

 Become laser-focused on who you serve and how

4. Your Cash Flow Worksheet

 Track all incoming and outgoing cash

 Know where you stand, every day, with your cash

 Improve your efficiency, eliminate waste, be more profitable

5. Your income statement

 Know you profitable status now so you can make corrections before it's too late

 Be aware of waste and unnecessary expenses

 Understand the health of your business to take advantage of opportunities

6. Your balance sheet

 Know your company's net worth

 Understand the universal accounting formula in easy-to-understand language

 Evaluate your equity in the business, regularly

With this Masterclass, you will get immediate, actionable insights to:

Just like The Wright Brothers never waivered from their vision that humans could fly, you know your compelling vision for your business. The struggle for you right now is that the game seems to have changed overnight. You have been left confused and overwhelmed by the strategy required to execute on your vision. Freedom comes from feeling confident in the what and how.

We are going to help you get unstuck, reignite your energy and gain the momentum you need to reach your biggest goals, once and for all. This content has never been released so don’t miss the opportunity to get your “HELL YES” in gear and go after what you really want.

90 Days to the Freedom + Cash Flow you are Seeking Now

You are not satisfied with where you are right now because deep down, you know that you are here to reach more people + earn more money. What frustrates you most is that you know you are close.

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to stop dreaming about the freedom you could have and take action right now? It’s time to kickstart your impact.

This is for EntreLeaders (entrepreneurs who are leaders in their field), who are 3-feet from gold.

By the end of this Masterclass, you'll know exactly how to transform your business by transforming your customers’ businesses and lives.

From the very first moment you join, you'll see consistent wins. You will also have the feedback and community to keep you focused on real results as we have decided to offer a Facebook group where we pop in weekly to answer any questions you might have and support you…it’s lonely being an entrepreneur and we don’t want you to feel alone.

Your Action Matters Now More Than Ever!

Masterclass Series
(Value $997)

We are so passionate about supporting business owners through this volatile time that we are offering this for $97.
Your return on investment will be exponential!

This masterclass is going to offer equal doses of reality checking, myth busting and exact “do-this-now” guidance.

Your Masterclass Instructors . . .

Kathy Cook Noble

Kathy has 20+ years of experience in the automotive industry, residential and commercial rentals, car washes and land development. She currently works with organizations doing bookkeeping, financial planning and estate planning. She teaches finances to people that don’t have a finance background. She helps families and individuals establish long term financial planning. She hosts a regular podcast and TV Show “Financially Speaking” on ICN.

Kathy is a passionate advocate for family-owned and small businesses. Kathy has helped to start, grow, expand and plan for succession with businesses to ensure their longevity. She is able to do this due to her experiences in owning and growing multiple businesses.

Kathy is not only an expert in her industry, she is also highly educated with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce, MBA, MSc., MPA, Osgoode Law School (certificate in adjudication) and Harvard University (certificates in negotiation and conflict resolution). As a current financial advisor, she also maintains her life insurance licence and mutual funds licence.

Laurie Hawkins

Laurie here, award winning corporate leader turned business owner. I’ve spent 3 decades guiding 8-figure businesses to grow, pivot, awaken and activate. I am making available to you some of the essential tools to avoid all the trial and error and overwhelm, stop chasing bright shiny objects and gain the clarity and confidence for 2022 to be your year; the year you reach the golden nuggets.

Join Us. Make 2022 The Year YOU Go All In On What You Really Want!

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